I LOVE spirituality, personal development and anything that encourages us to grow, develop and transform.  I have been practicing Yoga & Meditation for over a decade and am a Level 1 (350 hour) Integrated Science of Tantra, Hatha and Ayurveda teacher. I have spent years training and travelling around the world to spend time with internationally renowned yoga and tantra teachers such as Alan & Sarah-Platt Finger, Tamara Yoga, Seane Corn, Simon Borg-Olivier, Eyal Matsliah and Chantelle Boscarella.  

I believe that is spirituality combined with business that makes us SKY ROCKET! My spiritual practice centres me daily and I cannot spend a day without it. Yoga has carried me though change, transition and turmoil. But more importantly, it empowers me, supports me and lifts me to live and be the BEST version of myself. A spiritual practice is a MUST for our growth and I am forever committed and learning to it. But most of all, I absolutely love sharing it! 

All of my classes are taught at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape in Perth's CBD, 1 Cathedral Avenue Perth - T+ 61 6168 7877  



Monday 5.45pm to 6.45pm

Wednesday 1215pm to 1pm

Tuesday 12.00pm to 12.45pm



"I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my first ever Yoga experience. Steph was warm, fun & extremely knowledgeable. Steph made me feel extremely comfortable despite my apparent lack of coordination" Sam McMillan, Channel 7 Sunrise Presenter

"I'd always sought something to balance the rush and complexity of life. I thought that I'd be able to relax if only I slept more, not truly realising that I needed a different approach to calming the mind and body. Stephanie is amazing. She exudes happiness, a sense of peace and has genuine concern for her students. Her Yoga classes have improved my ability to relax, move and concentrate." Roger Marston, student

I started practicing yoga at a time of transition in my life and it has become somewhat of an anchor for me. No matter what type of day I have had or am about to face the studio and the mat is somewhere to return to that is quiet, safe and nurturing.  Steph brings new insight and personal experiences to every class. Her approach is welcoming to all abilities and truly genuine. I feel stronger (physically and mentally), I am integrating more advanced poses into my practice and I have developed some wonderful friendships. - Francesca Catalano, Student

Since I started practicing Yoga with Steph, something different clicked in my mind and body. She has been the only person who has made me really understand the deep meaning which runs around every time you put yourself on the mat. I highly recommend everyone to try it, it doesn't matter the age or gender. Stephanie, with her knowledge and dedication, will guide you on a path that is not easy, but unique ...I will thank her forever! Desy Claire, Student